SSDC Laser Scanning Service

Utilizing a Creaform EXAscan, School Street Design is now offering 3D laser scanning services to a wide variety of industries.  The EXAscan provides a high degree of accuracy – as low as 0.002″ – and flexibility that is far superior to older arm based systems.  A huge advantage of the EXAscan over arm based systems is that the part does not have to fixtured or stationary when scanning.  This means it is far easier to scan all sides of an object, and that you do not have to worry about putting cars or aircraft on jacks to keep them stationary.

The output of the EXAscan is a .stl mesh file, a very common 3D file format that many CAD programs can import.  We are happy to simply hand the raw file to you, or if you like, we can rebuild your surface in NURBS to whatever accuracy level is required for your particular application.  For example, here is a water pump impeller that was scanned using the EXAscan:

And here is the NURBS surface which was rebuilt from the scanned data:

An error report can be generated showing the deviation between the scanned mesh and the rebuilt surface:

In this particular instance, a high degree of accuracy was required – the vast majority of the rebuilt model is within 0.005″ of the scanned data.

The EXAscan works equally well on large freeform shapes like this car hood:

Applications include:

Reverse engineering

Design and analysis

Part-to-CAD inspection

Tooling & jig design

3D archiving

Rapid prototyping

Current prices are as follows:

$200 per hour for laser scanning

$100 per hour for post processing/rebuilding of scanned data

We are willing to travel anywhere in the world, and happy to work on projects large and small.  Please contact us at 831-535-9912 to discuss your project today.

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