T-Splines V3.3 Sneak Peek – Re-topo tools will blow your mind

Well folks, here it is, the thing I’ve been dying to blog about.  T-Splines version 3.3 is nearly here, and for some reason the stars have aligned with my purchase of an EXAscan laser scanner and this newest T-Splines version.  I must be lucky, but whatever it is, I have literally been doing happy dances … Continue reading

New Gear In, Old Gear Out!

While I made my little old Mac mini soldier on for a long while (too long I would say!) the time has come for a brand spanking new computer!  New computer day seems almost as exciting as new car day, but it’s a whole lot cheaper.  Perhaps this means I should get a new computer … Continue reading

L-39 Tips – First Set Flying, Second Set Delivered

Greetings from Reno!  I’m happy to report that I’ve finally got to see some of my L-39 handiwork in action.  There is an Australian based L-39, Race 66, which is sporting the first set of L-39 wingtips I manufactured.  They are looking quite nice, if I do say so myself, and I even got to … Continue reading

T-Splines Tip – Two Ways to Extrude

One of the first things you learn when transitioning to T-Splines is that you can take a face, and extrude it out or in.  You simply select a face: And then hold down the alt button, and drag it in or out: Simple, easy and effective.  But, did you know there is a second way … Continue reading

SIGGRAPH/T-Splines Level II Training

I’m very excited to report that I will be teaching a T-Splines Level II class with Matt Sederberg and Kyle Houchens in Vancouver on August 11th.  The training will be from 9am until 1pm, and then from 2pm to 5pm there will be a free user group meeting.  This will also be my first trip … Continue reading

T-Spline Tip: Maximizing Surface Smoothness around Star Points

If you look at page 50 of the current T-Splines manual, it has a really nice breakdown of the effect of different types of surface topology on the smoothness of the T-Spline surface.  As you can see, nearly all points of  a T-Spline surface are C2 continuous: This means that they are curvature continuous surfaces.  … Continue reading

Giles G-200 – Wheel Pants, 3D PDF Exports

I figured I would start with something easy on the Giles surface modeling, since I haven’t done any really intensive CAD work in about a month.  The wheel pants seemed like a great place to start, since they are a stand alone surface that does not have to directly integrate with the cowling.  I started … Continue reading

The Four Most Important Pages in the T-Splines V3 Manual

If you’re just starting out with T-Splines, it can be a bit overwhelming to make the transition from a NURBS type modeling package to T-Splines.  I spent quite a bit of time reading the manual, and while I would encourage you to do the same, what I came to realize is that there are just … Continue reading

Giles G-200 Cowling – Digitization Complete

Well after about two and a half days of work, the digitization is complete on the Giles.  This has been my most extensive digitization project to date, due to the fact that it’s not just a cowl I need to make.  Since the wing root fairings and the gear leg fairings intersect the cowling, they … Continue reading

Giles G-200 Cowling – Onsite Digitization

Well the real “meat” of the Giles G-200 cowling project has begun.  I flew out to very very hot Sonora, California yesterday morning so I could scan the aircraft and engine.  It was an absolutely beautiful flight from Watsonville to Columbia – very still air, great visibility and very little traffic.  I removed the back … Continue reading