The episode of ENGINEERvsDESIGNER that I was interviewed for a few weeks back is now up.  It was a blast talking with Adam and Josh about everything from reverse engineering to cake baking.  You can check it out here if you like.

Maximizing Toolpath Quality with madCAM

I’ve been using madCAM to generate all my toolpaths for a few years now, and I have to say I really love it.  Since the machine I use is 3-axis, I’ve been using the entry level version, which sells for $750, which puts it squarely in the “budget” range of CAM software.  That being said, … Continue reading

KevCAM Part 3.5 – KevCAM Goes on Vacation

Well, I really, truly wanted to get this series wrapped up before I left for vacation, but between the L-39 wingtips and a few other projects I’ve been furiously working on before my departure I just couldn’t find the 3-4 hours it would have taken to get this series finished off.  So, I must regret … Continue reading

KevCAM Part 3 – Polysurfaces, Rings, Script Shortcuts

So now it’s time to start extending these basic concepts to more real world situations.  Everything we’ve done thus far has dealt with one single surface.  What if we have a polysurface instead of one single surface?  Let’s say we take our half pipe idea, and make it more like a s-curve: Now, you might … Continue reading

KevCAM Part 2 – Controlling Toolpath Orientation and Stepover

So if you’ve read through my first post on KevCAM you get the general idea on how the method works.  On this post I’m going to show you how to control the stepover of the toolpath, and the toolpath orientation to your mold.  Sticking with our very basic “bent half pipe” mold from earlier, the … Continue reading

KevCAM – A FlowAlongSrf Rhino Hack for CAM Toolpaths – Part 1

I use a program called madCAM for all my CAM toolpath generation.  I like it very much and in general it works very well for what I do.  Since I only have a 3-axis machine, I have the entry level version which sells for $750.  I found their claim that you could download the program … Continue reading