The Method Part II – Demolding the Parts

Following up on my previous post on my method of making high quality, re-usable tooling with CNC machined foam and Stretchelon bagging film, here’s how things tend to go on the demold side.  First, turn off the pumps, and then remove all the secondary fabrics/films that are bagging the part: I’ve left the peel ply … Continue reading

Creating High Quality, Reusable Molds with CNC Machined Foam and Stretchelon Bagging Film – aka “The Method”

This post is really the culmination of a few years of research, research that I’ve decided to set loose into the world.  We call this “The Method,” or sometimes “The Stretchelon Trick” and it’s my primary method of creating tooling for composite parts these days.  As  an example, I’m using the Giles 200 gear leg … Continue reading

Shop Upgrade Nearly Complete

My apologies for neglecting my blog for the past few weeks, but things have been a bit nuts.  One thing occupying my time has been a total redo of my workshop.  Allow me to run down the upgrades and changes.  First, we (myself and buddy Mitch) moved all the fabric racks around.  Previously, all the … Continue reading

Surface Prep and Block Sanding DVD

I’m a huge believer in technique.  I grew up building balsa model airplanes, and was always blown away by the quality and cleanliness of some people’s work.  As I kid I thought, “there’s no way I’ll ever build like that, those guys just have some sort of magic touch that can’t be taught.”  While there … Continue reading

Building a Work Table

  I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a table in my entire life.  This table is part of a complete upgrade of my workspace (ahem, garage) that I’ve been planning for months, and so I’m thrilled to finally be under way.  The centerpiece of it all is a 26’X4′ work table.  The … Continue reading

The Best Safety Glasses Money Can Buy

I spend a great deal of my life with safety glasses on, and so I’ve come to be a bit of a safety glasses connoisseur.  I find that most safety glasses that cover your eyes completely are like the old “high school chemistry lab” type and seem completely awful for all day use.   The standard … Continue reading

Sticky Stuff Dispenser – Care and Feeding

I’ve got a Sticky Stuff Model A Dispenser made by Michael Engineering that I use to dispense my resin.  It’s got a static mixer mainfold, which means I can dispense fully mixed resin from the pump using a disposable static mixer.  Lately, it’s been giving me problems.  I wil freely admit, these problems have been self inflicted.  … Continue reading