ENGINEERvsDESIGNER and other podcasts

Spending many hours cooped up in the design studio, it’s pretty important to me to have a steady stream of interesting media to consume, lest my brain shrivel up on itself.  So, for this post, I figured I would highlight some of the podcasts I’ve been listening to as of late.  First up is ENGINEERvsDESIGNER, … Continue reading

And then there were two – James Jorgensen joins School Street Design Company

Some of you may have noticed in the past few weeks that my blog posts have gone from primarily using “I” to occasionally using “we.”  Who is this mysterious “we?”  Well I am happy to announce that School Street Design is now made up of two of us.  James Jorgensen is now officially a partner … Continue reading

The Blog Begins

Well, where to start?  Okay, right here.  This blog is my attempt to unify the entire breadth of my CAD/CAM interests into one single site.  I found that my wide range of interests in terms of projects, software, hardware and technology was scattering much of my postings across many sites on the internet.  When friends … Continue reading