New Gear In, Old Gear Out!

While I made my little old Mac mini soldier on for a long while (too long I would say!) the time has come for a brand spanking new computer!  New computer day seems almost as exciting as new car day, but it’s a whole lot cheaper.  Perhaps this means I should get a new computer … Continue reading

Capturing “Clean” Planar Sections for the FARO arm

With a mechanical FARO arm, one of the biggest challenges when scanning aircraft structures is in getting just the right data.  What you ideally want is the simplest, most orderly points which will get the job done.  On some projects, that’s a relatively easy task.   On the Giles G-200 cowling project, digitizing the back of … Continue reading

Giles G-200 Cowling – Digitization Complete

Well after about two and a half days of work, the digitization is complete on the Giles.  This has been my most extensive digitization project to date, due to the fact that it’s not just a cowl I need to make.  Since the wing root fairings and the gear leg fairings intersect the cowling, they … Continue reading

Giles G-200 Cowling – Onsite Digitization

Well the real “meat” of the Giles G-200 cowling project has begun.  I flew out to very very hot Sonora, California yesterday morning so I could scan the aircraft and engine.  It was an absolutely beautiful flight from Watsonville to Columbia – very still air, great visibility and very little traffic.  I removed the back … Continue reading

L-39 Wingtips

I’ve been working on these wingtips for a few months now, just delivered them today.  The customer is Minh Jet in Hollister, California.  Minh had some aero engineers come up with some custom tips for the L-39 Albatross, which is what his shop primarily services.  He found that they decreased the stick forces on the … Continue reading

Prior Work – Zenith 801 Cowl Modification

This was my second project using the FARO arm, and the first done with the benefit of my Brunson Tetralock 400S-D Portable Stand.  The stand itself is a thing of beauty, it’s rock solid and only weighs about 20 pounds.  The 3-1/2″-8 thread on the top is made for newer arms, so I had my … Continue reading

Prior Work – Lancair IV-P Custom Wingtips

This is the first entry of many in my effort to go back though some of my previous work and document it.  In October of 2009 I bought a FARO Silver Arm off Ebay for $5,500.  It was bought as-is with no guarantee of working, and it was one of those auctions where we all … Continue reading