ENGINEERvsDESIGNER and other podcasts

Spending many hours cooped up in the design studio, it’s pretty important to me to have a steady stream of interesting media to consume, lest my brain shrivel up on itself.  So, for this post, I figured I would highlight some of the podcasts I’ve been listening to as of late.  First up is ENGINEERvsDESIGNER, which is a CAD/design based weekly podcast hosted by Josh Mings of solidsmack and Adam O’Hern of cadjunkie.  Not only does EvD (as the kids call it) provide a lot of insight into recent software developments, but each week features an interview with a guest.  As a matter of fact, on the past Thursday, yours truly was interviewed.  The show we taped should be available on the 23rd of this month, I’ll put a post up on here once it’s live.  My favorite episode thus far was this one with with Stuart Brown, which dealt with many of the same reverse engineering issues I face in my work.  In fact, by simply being the first person to comment on that episode, I was richly rewarded with an EvD t-shirt, which I have been proudly wearing ever since.

I should also mention that I signed up for cadjunkie this weekend, in an effort to learn modo.  I have been really impressed with the quality and quantity of the content, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn more.  A wide range of CAD programs are covered – Solidworks, modo, Catia and more.

99% Invisible is my favorite new podcast.  While ostensibly about architecture, it’s really about design, and how we interface with it.  Really cool topics, extremely well produced.  Try one, and you’ll be hooked. My favorites thus far are the one on Samuel Plimsoll, Sounds of the Artificial World, and The Biography of 100,00 Square Feet.

Radiolab is how I found 99% Invisible, and if you haven’t heard of Radiolab you might just live in a cave or under a rock.  Radiolab is sort of a souped up version of This American Life – which if you don’t know about, you definitely are living under a rock.  As a former sound designer, I really appreciate the amount of sound design that goes into the production of each episode.  There are usually just a handful of new episodes each season, but the wait is always worth it.  I challenge you to listen to the Lost and Found episode and not cry.  It’s okay, let it out, you’ll feel better afterwards.

Radiolab led me to 99% Invisible, and 99% Invisible led me to Too Much Information.  TMI seems to fall under the storytelling category, and it’s got a nice loose feel to it.  I like it a lot.

All of the above podcasts are available on iTunes for free, so you can setup a subscription and have them come to you.

While not a podcast, lately I’ve also been listening to You Are Listening To San Francisco, which is a site that combines droning ambient music with a CHP dispatch feed.  I don’t know why, but it’s very compelling, and perfect for when you just need to get into the zone and crank out some CAD models.  You can mix the level of both the music and the dispatch feed to whatever level you see fit.   Especially good for rainy days.

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