And then there were two – James Jorgensen joins School Street Design Company

Some of you may have noticed in the past few weeks that my blog posts have gone from primarily using “I” to occasionally using “we.”  Who is this mysterious “we?”  Well I am happy to announce that School Street Design is now made up of two of us.  James Jorgensen is now officially a partner in this expanding design business.  I had James write up a little introduction, and here’s what he came up with:

Hey, I’m James Jorgensen, and I’m excited to be joining Sky in pursuit of all things related to design and aviation. These are two passions I’ve been nurturing for as long as I can remember and they never get old. I’m a licensed architect in the great state of California, where I’ve mostly done residential work after cutting my teeth in the offices of Obie Bowman, Architect at the Sea Ranch and in Healdsburg. Somewhere in the gray area between fate and fortune, while flying my experimental Varieze between client sites, I was given an opportunity to work for Dave Ronneberg in Santa Monica, designing, building and flight testing the Mobius optionally piloted aircraft (OPA). This exposed me to a whole host of experiences in composite tooling, machining, casting, 3D printing and aircraft design that will carry over to the services SSDC offers its customers.

What’s your design problem? We’re here to help.

James fills in some gaps very nicely here – he is an avid Solidworks user and has lots of hands on experience with prepreg composite fabrication.  And, he’s an all around nice guy!  James can be reached at  Oh, and I’ve got a new email address as well –

One Response to “And then there were two – James Jorgensen joins School Street Design Company”
  1. Mark Calder says:

    lol!! Glad to haelped with this marriage!! I will see James again in San Antinie when ge scans the G2 I am working on

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