Learning modo – Square One

Image courtesy of Mike James – Mike James Media Every year I try to tackle one new piece of software.  This year, I’ve decided to dive right into the sub-d world with modo.  Generally speaking, you can divide modeling software into two categories – NURBS modeling packages like Rhino3D, Alias, Catia and such – and … Continue reading

Convair 240 – T-Splines Nose/Cockpit Modeling

One of the hardest parts of modeling an old airliner like this is the front – there’s a lot going on surface wise.  Furthermore, when making a surface like this with traditional NURBS modeling packages, there’s a lot of small transitional surfaces to make it all work and flow nicely, which means that it’s difficult … Continue reading

ENGINEERvsDESIGNER and other podcasts

Spending many hours cooped up in the design studio, it’s pretty important to me to have a steady stream of interesting media to consume, lest my brain shrivel up on itself.  So, for this post, I figured I would highlight some of the podcasts I’ve been listening to as of late.  First up is ENGINEERvsDESIGNER, … Continue reading

48″ Convair 240 for Electric RC

My whole love affair with CAD/CAM got started about somewhere around 2004 when I decided to start building balsa model airplanes again.  I was very involved as a kid in building and flying radio control aircraft – mostly Antiques/Old Timers, which are pre WWII designs.  But, with college and work and such, there was a … Continue reading

Jack O’Neill Bust Laser Scan/MakersFactory

There’s a relatively new learning institution here in Santa Cruz called MakersFactory, and it’s a wonderful thing.  Want to get access to 3D printers?  Or learn how to use SketchUp?  Get a patent?  Learn about the ins and outs of running a small business?  MakersFactory is that spot for all that and more.  MakersFactory gives … Continue reading

Carbon Fiber Cup Holder – Molds Finished

Well the molds for the carbon fiber cup holders we designed are all finished, and I have to say they’re some of the nicest molds I’ve made.  They just came out super clean, and should make very nice parts.  It’s a two part mold – the top piece that forms the front face and bottom … Continue reading

And then there were two – James Jorgensen joins School Street Design Company

Some of you may have noticed in the past few weeks that my blog posts have gone from primarily using “I” to occasionally using “we.”  Who is this mysterious “we?”  Well I am happy to announce that School Street Design is now made up of two of us.  James Jorgensen is now officially a partner … Continue reading