Audi A3 Hood Scan

I was feeling bored and cooped up today – too many days of Thanksgiving leftovers and loafing around.  So I targeted up my Audi A3 hood and scanned it, just for practice and to get out of the house a bit.  After a few minutes, it looked like my car had come down with a case of chicken pox:

The painters tape on the badge and trim is there to cut down on scanning noise.  Whenever you have a very shiny surface – in this case the “chrome” trim – it tends to put a lot of noise into the scan.  You can either filter that out at the tail end, but I’d rather just make the scan cleaner by putting tape over these shiny spots.  After an hour or so, I had a fairly nice scan:

I’m still working on how to minimize the appearance of “scan lines” – you can see some around the center of the hood.  I think that the problem here was the dark glossy color of the hood.  This meant that the laser power had to be cranked all the way up, and the shutter speed had to be very slow.  I’ve found that when you have to crank the laser power to the max, I see these types of defects in the scan.  The hood could have been pre-treated with some Spotcheck SKD-S2 spray – which is basically talcum powder in aerosol form – but I wasn’t feeling quite that motivated, given that it’s Sunday.  I also found that when you have a nice painted surface that’s clean, the targets can be quite difficult to get off.  This is the opposite problem I had with the IO-375 engine scanning, since there is still some residual assembly oil on the case.  There is a low tack version of these targets – seems like a good thing to have on hand for doing very clean surfaces.  I’ll play around a bit with fitting a T-Spline to this scan – hey speaking of which – my webinar on doing just that is this Tuesday.  If you haven’t yet registered and want to attend, you can do so here.

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