Giles 200: Titan IO-375 Engine Scanning – Part 2

I’m still working at making a nice engine model of the IO-375 for the Giles 200 project, and so I went down to the airport this morning to continue scanning.  I decided to take Jarrod’s advice from the comments on my first post, and break the scanning into two parts – a lower res scan for the case, sump and valve covers, and a higher res scan for the fins.  I only had about an hour available, so I worked on getting the lower res parts.  Now that I’ve got a really good feel for how to use the unit, I have to say doing this was really fun.  The idea will be to assemble the low and high res parts together in Rhino, once I have all of them scanned.  This seems to be the best way to approach the problem, as it keeps the file size in VXelements from getting too big.  Anyway, here’s a few screen shots:

It will probably take me another hour or so to get the rest of the low res surfaces, then it’s on to those pesky cooling fins!

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