L-39 Instrument Panel Overlays

Nothing like getting a new tool and then booking work with it straight away, gotta love that.  Minh of Minh Jet needs some instrument panel overlays for an L-39 they’re working on.  Since the instruments are not stock, the old panel overlays no longer work.   The only real solution is to cook up something custom.  Here’s what the old one looked like, it’s been hacked up a bit and modified:

Took the EXAscan over to Hollister this morning and scanned both the front and rear instrument panels.  Took just a few minutes to get the panels covered with enough targets, and about 10 minutes per panel to collect the data.  Here are some action shots, so to speak:

Here’s what the data looks like after just a little tweaking – the VXelements software that comes with the EXAscan has some nice filters to get rid of noise and clean up edges.  Pretty intuitive and easy to use.  Here’s the back panel scan:

These are going to be made out of fiberglass and then primed and painted.  Should be a fun little project!


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