On the road, with VariEze N388DT

So, I’m selling my Cessna to help purchase my soon to be delivered laser scanner, but did you think I would give up flying (or aircraft ownership) completely?  Pshaw!  Of course not.  Sometimes things come along just at the right time in your life, and I think that’s true in this case.  My friend James moved up here to the Santa Cruz area a few months ago from LA, leaving behind his VariEze.  About a week and a half ago, he said “hey uh, since you’re selling your Cessna, want to be partners in my VariEze?”  Heck yeah!  So this Thursday and Friday, after my old boss Dave Saylor at AirCrafters LLC in Watsonville, CA was kind enough to lend me his truck and trailer, we went down to Santa Monica and trailered it up here to Santa Cruz.  We strapped the fuselage and wings to the trailer, and stashed the canard in the camper shell.  Here is James after making one last triple check of everything:

Along the way back up I-5, we saw this flatbed carrying these massive chain links – they were so big I just had to take a picture:

I have to say this was the smoothest trailering job I’ve ever been a part of, and I’ve done more than my fair share of these.  Here we are safe and sound in Aptos, unloading the plane into James’ garage and driveway:

I can count the scratches sustained on one hand – I think the final count was three, and they were all extremely minor.  All told, extremely smooth.

I’m really excited to have a project plane of my own to work on, especially with my brand new laser scanner soon to be in hand.  My first task will be to fabricate entirely new cowling and plenums from scratch.  We’ve got a long list of things we want to do, but our primary focus is on getting the things done that stand in the way of returning to the air first, and then do things that fall into the “upgrade” category second.

A big part of why I decided to go with the VariEze is the small size and high cruise speed.  Everything I need to do laser scanning and CAD work will fit in the back seat, with plenty of room to spare for baggage.  This means I’ll be able to get to pretty much anywhere in the Western US faster than if I flew by commercial in terms of door to door time.  My hope is that I’ll be able to travel all around the US and provide high quality laser scanning and design service to anyone, regardless of their location.  Should be fun!

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