Surface Prep and Block Sanding DVD

I’m a huge believer in technique.  I grew up building balsa model airplanes, and was always blown away by the quality and cleanliness of some people’s work.  As I kid I thought, “there’s no way I’ll ever build like that, those guys just have some sort of magic touch that can’t be taught.”  While there are a few people out there who can just seemingly breathe on their work and have something amazing come out, what I’ve learned as an adult is that about 95% of achieving that type of quality is technique.  Technique, unlike “magical touch” is imminently teachable.  My wife laughs at me, and sometimes rightly so, for being a big believer in how-to DVDs that I buy over the internet.  I built this outdoor kitchen with technique gleaned from a DVD I bought from Willie the BBQ Coach.  While the production quality of the DVD was comically bad, the information was all there.

Bodywork and block sanding have always seemed to me to be one of those “magic touch” areas of fabrication.  It’s hugely time intensive, and for the newbie can seem very intimidating.  On the other hand, it can be very expensive to have someone else do it, especially if that person is a real pro.  And rightly so, since there is a large amount of skill and time involved.  That being said, I’ve learned that no one will care about your project the way you will, and so to get a true show winning finish without breaking the bank, there’s just no substitute for learning the skills and doing it yourself.  I bought this Surface Prep and Block Sanding DVD from Eastwood a few months back, and it was a huge help to me in explaining proper tools and technique for block sanding.  While the DVD covers automotive block sanding, the approach is identical to what you would use on aircraft surfaces.  I would highly recommend this video to anyone looking to learn the art of bodywork.


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