Surface Prep and Block Sanding DVD

I’m a huge believer in technique.  I grew up building balsa model airplanes, and was always blown away by the quality and cleanliness of some people’s work.  As I kid I thought, “there’s no way I’ll ever build like that, those guys just have some sort of magic touch that can’t be taught.”  While there … Continue reading

SIGGRAPH/T-Splines Level II Training

I’m very excited to report that I will be teaching a T-Splines Level II class with Matt Sederberg and Kyle Houchens in Vancouver on August 11th.  The training will be from 9am until 1pm, and then from 2pm to 5pm there will be a free user group meeting.  This will also be my first trip … Continue reading

Building a Work Table

  I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a table in my entire life.  This table is part of a complete upgrade of my workspace (ahem, garage) that I’ve been planning for months, and so I’m thrilled to finally be under way.  The centerpiece of it all is a 26’X4′ work table.  The … Continue reading

T-Spline Tip: Maximizing Surface Smoothness around Star Points

If you look at page 50 of the current T-Splines manual, it has a really nice breakdown of the effect of different types of surface topology on the smoothness of the T-Spline surface.  As you can see, nearly all points of  a T-Spline surface are C2 continuous: This means that they are curvature continuous surfaces.  … Continue reading