T-Spline Tip: Understanding Basic Topology

Recently, T-Splines asked me to help them develop some training materials for their software, which I was more than happy to help with.  The video below talks about how to better understand the concept of topology when transitioning to T-Splines.  The example is the Giles G-200 cowling which I will be working on in a few weeks.  For me, the hardest part of moving from Rhino/NURBS to T-Splines was the conceptual difference between the way that NURBS surfaces are created, and how T-Splines topology works.  Instead of thinking about the final shape, now when I approach a model I think, “where will my star points be?  Where will my t-points be?  What is the most basic topology needed to accomplish the task at hand?”  This video shows a bit of that thought process and how I approach something like a cowling.  I hope you find it useful!

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