KevCAM Part 3.5 – KevCAM Goes on Vacation

Well, I really, truly wanted to get this series wrapped up before I left for vacation, but between the L-39 wingtips and a few other projects I’ve been furiously working on before my departure I just couldn’t find the 3-4 hours it would have taken to get this series finished off.  So, I must regret to inform you that you’ll have to wait after I return from driving through the French countryside for a few weeks to get the last little nuggets of wisdom I have to share on this.  On the plus side, I can tell you that if you have a CAM program – pretty much any CAM program – you have all that you need to take what I’ve shown you and make g-code.  Nearly all CAM programs allow you to trace a line – and in the first three installments of the series, what we really created was that line.  So, follow the steps to create linework how I showed you, and then tell you CAM program to simply follow the linework – make sure you tell your program that the line is the CENTER of your toolpath, not the tip.  When I return, I’ll show you the step by step of how to do that, and also a way of exporting g-code completely independent of a CAM program.  Till then……

One Response to “KevCAM Part 3.5 – KevCAM Goes on Vacation”
  1. Donald Kelley says:

    Hi, have enjoyed your kevcam series. It seems as if it is not completed (up to 3.5). Is there more to come or is that the end. I am very much interested in trying to automate some/all of this through Rhinoscript to produce gcodes. Seems possible with a good bit of work but you have done all the hard conceptual work. I appreciate you time to document what you have learned.

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