T-Spline Tip: Selecting Face Loops

Selecting edge loops is easy in T-Splines – just double click on any edge and it will either select all edges in that loop or to the edge of the surface.  Until last week, I didn’t know that you could select face loops as well.  Let’s say you’ve got this T-Spline surface and you want to delete the thin loop of faces that connect the inner faces to the outer faces:

Well, simply select one of those faces:

Then, hold down the shift key and double click on the next face in the loop:

Voila! You’ve selected a face loop.  Quick and easy.

2 Responses to “T-Spline Tip: Selecting Face Loops”
  1. Derek says:

    thanks for your awsome tutorials.. looking forward to more. I’m fairly new to Rhino and Tsplines.. i was wondering how did you set your background color to look like this?

    • Thanks Derek! To get that nice background, I use the the -GradientView command. I have it set like this:

      Set gradient properties ( View=All State=On Colors=4 TopLeft=0,50,102 TopRight=0,50,102 BottomLeft=165,165,165 BottomRight=165,165,165 ):

      I’m using Rhino 5 Beta, which looks far, far nicer than V4

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