The Blog Begins

Well, where to start?  Okay, right here.  This blog is my attempt to unify the entire breadth of my CAD/CAM interests into one single site.  I found that my wide range of interests in terms of projects, software, hardware and technology was scattering much of my postings across many sites on the internet.  When friends asked me what I was up to, I often found myself referring them to multiple sites, or digging through my hard drive to find pictures.  So, instead of spreading things far and wide, I’m going to focus on this site as the hub my internet postings.  I hope you find this site useful for your own means.

4 Responses to “The Blog Begins”
  1. I have too many hobbies too.

  2. I think the problem is too many hobbies and not enough time 🙂 I need to either cut back on interests or invent a time-machine !

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