Advanced Modeling with T-Splines Webinar – Follow Up Q&A

On an Ezone CAD/CAM forum thread I started, ptxman asked a few follow up questions about some of the concepts in the April 26th Advanced Modeling with T-Splines webinar.  He asks: I didnt quite get your ‘before & after’ airfoil comparison. After the fin & stab were extruded & the funky fillet union developed, you … Continue reading

Sheared Wingtips in T-Splines

A few people asked how I make the sheared style wingtips on my models during the April 26th webinar hosted by T-Splines.  I didn’t have time to cover it during the live event, but I’ve made a short little video explaining how I do it.  There’s a neat little trick to it involving the tsWeight … Continue reading

Advanced Modeling with T-Splines Webinar – Archive Now Available

For those of you who made it to my webinar hosted by T-Splines on the 26th of April and want to review the material, or for those of you who missed it, the archive of the webinar is now live on the T-Splines website.  Click here to view.  If you’d like to download the file … Continue reading

T-Splines White Paper on SSDC Formula 1 Racer

T-Splines has published a white paper on the Formula 1 conceptual model I have been working on, and how T-Splines has changed the way I work.  This paper has a really nice summary of what I see as the shortcomings of all NURBS based modeling packages, and how T-Splines addresses those problems.  Download and read … Continue reading

A Better Way to Draw Airfoils in NURBS Modeling Packages

This post, and the methods I describe below stemmed from my interest in surface modeling aircraft structures in Rhino3D, and the problems I encountered along the way.  While this method is especially crucial to those using T-Splines, anyone drawing airfoils using a NURBS based modeling package will find the information interesting.  While the commands my … Continue reading

Cosine Spacing Plugin For Rhino

As I outlined in my post on my method for drawing airfoils in Rhino, the curves should be divided using a cosine spacing, rather than the typical division methods provided in Rhino.  I had a friend of mine whip up this plugin for me, and so it’s a little rough around the edges, but it … Continue reading

T-Splines Article For Desktop Engineering

I wrote and article for Desktop Engineering about the limitations of NURBS based modeling packages and how T-Splines solves many of these problems.  Check it out if you have a few minutes.

Prior Work – CompAir 8 Leading Edge Skins

This was one of my first Rhino projects done in 3D from start to finish, and the first project that utilized CNC water jetted plywood forms with steel studs to hold everything in alignment.  The leading edge of this CompAir 8 was horribly misshapen, and it’s hard to figure out how anyone could not have … Continue reading

Prior Work – Zenith 801 Cowl Modification

This was my second project using the FARO arm, and the first done with the benefit of my Brunson Tetralock 400S-D Portable Stand.  The stand itself is a thing of beauty, it’s rock solid and only weighs about 20 pounds.  The 3-1/2″-8 thread on the top is made for newer arms, so I had my … Continue reading

Prior Work – Lancair IV-P Custom Wingtips

This is the first entry of many in my effort to go back though some of my previous work and document it.  In October of 2009 I bought a FARO Silver Arm off Ebay for $5,500.  It was bought as-is with no guarantee of working, and it was one of those auctions where we all … Continue reading